From the dark depths of the well in the crypt a small child appears and floats very slowly upwards. The child then disappears again into the darkness below and rises for a second time. He moves upwards along the sides of the ancient stone well, passes the edge and goes onwards and upwards. Like a living sculpture the child floats above the well in the crypt and then drops back down into the depths, somewhat more quickly than he arrived.

The 3D stereoscopic installation WELL has been specially created for this location by Arent Weevers. With this work he wants to show the historical and climatic connections between the well in the crypt of the Great or St. Lebuinuskerk in Deventer and the River IJssel: as a sacred place, as the foundations of the church and as emergency supplies during the siege of the city. When the waters of the IJssel are high the crypt can become flooded. The well has a paradoxical character in that it both takes and gives life, physically and spiritually. The music for this installation has been specially composed by David Dramm.

Arent Weevers is not only an artist but also a theologian. Thus it is not surprising that his work focuses on the relation between new media art and spirituality. His media art is a search for strength in vulnerability and he makes use of 3D technology to create living sculptures.

In December 2015 he received a Special Mention Award for his work Josephine’s Well from the international jury of the 3D Film & Music Festival 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. More information about his work can be found at

Arent Weevers

3D installation Premiere

David Dramm

2017, Netherlands


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