An interactive and immersive installation whose 3D image invites spectators to toy with their sense of perception using variable sensorial interactions.

Portrait (é)mouvant is a research project into the veracity of a body shown on the screen and its emotional potential explored through the variations of form, texture and movement of a self-portrait. The work offers a simultaneous multi-perspective experience – between abstraction and realism, awareness of a tangible depiction and connection – that seeks to question the visitor on their relationship with the digital ‘other’ as they move around the audio and visual space.


This installation explores our capacity but also our need to resist the credibility, the ‘flesh’, in virtual and digital representations, both real and fictional. “What degree of connection can I generate with the other; is it simply a question of motion or of emotion?”.

Portrait (é)mouvant explores the space of the body of the visitor and virtual “other”.


Joséphine Derobe is an independent Director and Artist. She is involved in 3D Creative Storytelling, Cinema and Visual Art. She develops her projects in parallel of her stereographer activity in cinema like Wim Wenders’ 3D Every Thing Will.


Portrait (é)mouvant was developed during her residency at the Centre des arts, Enghien-les-Bains, near Paris.

Joséphine Derobe

3D interactive installation Preview

2015, France


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