Mayur, which means “peacock” in Sanskrit, is a visual-music work inspired by Asian cosmologies, music and textiles. It is a motion painting created by digital animation featuring complex images that evolve from threads to roots and intricate vines, forming lace-like 2 and 3 dimensional structures, tiles, and living textiles in the luminous colours of a peacock.

The animation is by Vibeke Sorensen and the music is by sitar virtuoso Kartik Seshadri.

This work looks for the liking spatial patterns.


Mayur was premiered at the Cinegrid 2015 conference at CalIT2/University of California, San Diego, USA.


Vibeke Sorensen is an artist and professor working in digital multimedia and animation, interactive architectural installation, and networked visual-music performance. Her work in experimental new media spans more than 3 decades, and has been published in books and exhibited worldwide in museums, film festivals, on cable and broadcast television, and the internet.

Vibeke Sorensen

3D animation Preview

Kartik Seshadri

2015, USA


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