Secret Detours

Elke Reinhuber, 2017

Ecce Homo

Arent Weevers, 2015


Ina Conradi Chavez, 2013


Philipp Engelhardt, 2014


Vibeke Sorensen, 2015


Lauren Moffatt, 2013


Joséphine Derobe, 2015


Elke Reinhuber, 2015


Arent Weevers, 2017

From the 4th until the 24th of September the ‘Grote of Lebuïnus kerk’, a monumental church in Deventer, will provide the backdrop to the first international exhibition of 3D media artists in the Netherlands. The theme of this exhibition is: ‘Space’.


Our motivation
During the 3D Festival Beyond, we developed a close relationship with the Centre of Arts and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, and it is this particular relationship that prompted us to raise the question; Why had no-one ever organised an international exhibition of 3D media art in the Netherlands before?

We felt it was the right time for a change! So many interesting 3D media art projects are being created all over the world. For us, our tenth anniversary is reason enough to show these international works of media art at this monumental venue in Deventer.


The theme of this 3D festival is ‘Space’. As the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, famous for his design of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, once stated: ‘Space is the breath of art’, to which we would like to add; ‘…and humanity’.

Space literally and figuratively. Space is not just the distance between objects and people, but space also connects objects, people and their surroundings. Space enables us to breath, it is essentially our force of life and at the same time space can be an inspiration for our imagination; it can be the source of our inner lives.

During this festival, we deliberately put 3D media art in the spotlights, since it is the art form that experiments with the experience of time and space. This happens through stereoscopic media, holographic media, virtual reality or 3D animation. The works of art which will be shown during the festival, will challenge the visitor to examine his or her personal perception, inspiration and choices. Simultaneously, they make it possible to approach this personal investigation from an entirely different angle.


Curator and the works of art
The curator of this festival is Ludger Pfanz, Professor at the Expanded 3Digital Cinema Laboratory at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung) in Germany. He is also the director of the 3D Festival Beyond (ZKM | Centre for Arts and Media) On September 11 at 20.00 he gives a lecture in the Great or Lebuinuschurch.

The 3D media works of art invite us to connect vulnerability and power (Weevers), virtual and real reality of objects (Philipp Engelhardt), spatial patterns (Vibeke Sorensen), story and spatial experience (Lauren Moffatt), virtual and real body (Joséphine Derobe), observation and virtual reality (Elke Reinhuber), the traditional act of painting and media spaces (Ina Conradi Chavez). Further information about the works is available on this website.


Virtual Reality filmproject ‘Sense in Space’
To further stimulate the power of imagination, workshops are available during the exhibition for high school students and college/university students.

In these particular workshops students will learn how to focus on perception. How we actually perceive the world around us and how we allocate meaning to the things we see, will be the primary focus of these workshops. Furthermore, these workshops will also provide students with technical skills to enable them to create their own short Virtual Reality film.

The VR films created in these workshops will be on display over the course of the exhibition. Watch the first film on our Facebook page and let us know what you think of it!

The opening times of the Great or St. Lebuinus Church can be found at Amendments and extra activities can be found on our Facebook page.



You can find more information in our latest newsletter.


Monday evening, 11 September 20.00 with Mieke Conijn, director Kunstenlab en IJsselbiennale.

Lecture and debate:

September 11th at 20:00 Ludger Pfanz will give an English lecture. The theme of his lecture will be: “Space-Time- Narratives”. There will also be a debate in which he will give his vision on the education of future artists and designers.

4 to 24 September 2017
Mon­–Sat: 11.00–17.00
Sunday: 12.00–17.00

Grote or Lebuïnus Church, Grote Kerkhof 42, Deventer


  • LIMA, international platform for sustainable access to media art
  • Kunstenlab exhibition centre, Deventer
  • Protestant Congregation Deventer/St. Lebuinus Church (PKN-Deventer/Lebuinuskerk)
  • Etty Hillesum Lyceum
  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences
  • Nescio Student Association (Studentenvereniging Nescio)
  • Saxion Studium Generale
  • BeamSystems, audiovisual specialists
  • IJssel Biennial (IJsselbiënnale)


  • Province of Overijssel (Provincie Overijssel)
  • VSB Fund for social and cultural projects (VSB fonds)
  • City of Deventer (Gemeente Deventer)
  • Protestant Congregation Deventer (Protestantse Gemeente Deventer)
  • Lizzy Breman-Schouten Foundation (Lizzy Breman-Schouten Stichting)
  • Protestant Church in the Netherlands – Church in Development Student Chaplaincy (PKN – Kerk in Ontwikkeling Studentenpastoraat)
  • Regional Consultation Commission Overijssel and Flevoland (Commissie Regionaal Overleg Overijssel en Flevoland)
  • Prince Bernhard Culture Fund (Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds)
  • Interdenominational Orientation Centre (Interkerkelijk Oriëntatie Centrum)
  • IJssel Biennial (IJsselbiënnale)
  • Anonymous donors